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The MM1 Sound Generator fits neatly into the ear canal, making it discreet and easy to use.

The tinnitus device is fully vented.
Fits left or right ear.
Uses battery type 10.

Supplied with pack of 6 batteries.

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MM1 Tinnitus Device

MM1 50dB
MM1 50dB Output
MM1 Sound Generator 50dB output. Output Colour 50dB = White
£189.00 inc. VAT

MM1 60dB
MM1 60dB Output
MM1 Sound Generator 60dB output. Output Colour 50dB = Blue
£189.00 inc. VAT

MM1 80dB
MM1 80dB Output
MM1 Sound Generator 80dB output. Output Colour 80dB = Red
£189.00 inc. VAT

MM1 95dB
MM1 95dB Output
MM1 Sound Generator 95dB output. Output Colour 95dB = Green
£199.00 inc. VAT

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