Sound Oasis V2 Cards
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The world’s first memory cards that allow Sound Oasis V2 owners to expand their collection of available sounds.

By simply inserting the patent pending sound card into a conveniently located slot on the top of the Sound Oasis V2, users can supplement their unit’s built-in sound offerings with 6 additional digitally recorded sounds.

Each sound card contains 4 megabytes of memory providing 2 full minutes of sound recordings for longer, more realistic sound playback.

Sound Oasis V2 Sound Card

Sound Oasis V2 Sound Cards:

Rhythms Of The Sea
6 Tracks: Crashing waves, gentle surf, sea birds, ocean breeze, ocean rain & harbour swell.
£17.50 inc. VAT

Sounds For Sleep
6 Tracks: Fan, night train, country highway, interior of airplane, air conditioner & vacuum cleaner.
£17.50 inc. VAT

Tropical Rain Forest
6 Tracks: Tropical rain, jungle stream, coral reef, waterfall, lagoon & tropical storm.
£17.50 inc. VAT